20 лет туроператор по Чехии
20 лет туроператор по Чехии

Tourism. Excursions in Europe. Permanent residence Residence permit Free education in the Czech Republic. Opening a business. With any question related to the Czech Republic, you can contact us. Why?

For 17 years, DL-NAVIGATOR has been the leading Czech host tour operator with a large field of activity.

What does it mean? In addition to ground-based integrated services for tourists in the Czech Republic and Prague, tourists from Belarus and the CIS countries come to us every week and come to Belarus.

What can we offer you? Top tours (a complete list of ALL excursions around the Czech Republic and Europe on our separate portal of excursions - www.pragtrips.com) around the Czech Republic and Europe, author tours and quests around Prague. Transfers to the hotel, hotel selection, individual programs of excursions and tours, corporate parties and leisure in Czech recreation, beer tours, treatment to Karlovy Vary. Simply put - write to us WHAT you are interested in, and we will select the necessary program for you.

You really liked the Czech Republic, and you want to move / send to learn children / open your business in the Czech Republic? Welcome to our largest real estate portal in the Czech Republic www.fortis-invest.com. Tell our colleagues that you went with us - get a nice bonus :)

The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page of it. St. Augustine

We wish you more wonderful books;) Choose, and we will take care of the content of each book of the trip.

Romantic France, colorful hot Italy, restrained Germany, colorful Austria with its rich history - do not deny yourself vivid emotions! Traveling in Europe is easy and affordable with the Czech DL-Navigator tour operator!

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